Kippot «Newborn» jeans

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The design house of DR Judaica, when creating the jeans collection of Jewish accessories, did not left without attention the newborn admirers of Judaism as well. A unique denim kippah  “newborn”, which will help instill in the child respect and love for the ancient traditions of his nation since birth. Our craftsmen selected high-quality eco-friendly materials: denim from organic cotton and natural leather. The thin engraved David Roytman logo organically fit into the composition. Each headwear is stored in a brand box. You can buy the “Newborn” kippah and other handmade Jewish accessories in our company boutiques or place an order on our website.
The design house DR Judaica has also created a unique collection of denim cases. Each case is unique in its color and image on it. You can find a case that fits perfectly into your everyday style!
You can buy the brand denim case on the site, as well as in brand boutiques around the world