Kippah “770” double-sided Dark blue and black




In the effort to make the kippah more modern accessory for men, the design company DR Judaica developed an exclusive collection of denim kippot «770», with a symbolic name for the Jews. It refers to the generally accepted religious rules and requirements.

The basis is a classical hexagonal structure, which is expressed by symmetrical intersections of the seams. The main material of each kippah is high-quality tight denim. It is important to mention the engraved David Roytman logo, which is made with jewelry precision using laser technology. Each kippah is in a stylish package.

Thanks to a diversity of colors, you can choose an accessory for any style of cloth and make your image looks perfect. A unique handmade design Judaica is presented on our website and in DR Judaica’s branded shops, including a jeans collection of kippot «770».

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