Set for Tallit and Tefillin

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Designer Judaica by David Roytman is an opportunity to combine two incompatible concepts – religion and fashion. This was confirmed by the unique denim set for the for Tallit and Tefillin. Bag for talit is made in the form of a capacious envelope from the high-quality jeans cloth and at the back is equipped with an additional compartment with a zipper. Both bags are decorated with diamond-shaped inserts from leather. The leather shoulder pad is decorated on the sides with the embossed of David’s Star and company logo. The set is designed for easy caring religious attributes, which are the main symbols of the Torah and it expresses the main ideas and principles. It is very important for a modern Jews always to have requisites and carry out prayer rituals in a convenient place and at a convenient time. You can buy the set for for Tallit and Tefillin in our branded stores or on the site.