Set for Tallit and Tefillin brown jeans



Pious Jews do not begin the process of reading the Holy Torah without having the set for Tallit and Tefillin, which are symbols of the inseparable connection between Israelis and God. In order to have them always with you, design company David Roytman has developed the special denim set for Tallit and Tefillin, which guarantees protection and easy carrying of the main attributes during the worship. The main advantage of the DR Judaica set is uniqueness and quality, because it is handmade accessory. Our masters used the best denim cloth and high-strength fittings. As the decoration we used brown rectangular inserts from leather with the inscriptions of the “talit” and “tefillin” in Hebrew, and on the back side is the logo of the company awarded on the leather. The jeans strap is trimmed with leather on the inside too for a convenience and reliability. Set for the for Tallit and Tefillin DR Judaica will add to your image modernity and style.

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